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  • Hehe this story made me laugh. I can just picture you singing chaos.
    Imagine if you had sung "musical ornaments" in Blixa’s supporter’s choir, he would have got really mad…

  • The supporter’s only gig on 3rd Nov was great – for me it was just amazing to see them in their home city. I hadn’t been to Berlin since 10 years ago and had forgotten how much I like it. The venue was so fitting – an empty concrete shell with huge iron girders. Blixa was also in a great mood apart from when he got annoyed at people playing the drum tables (constructed by Andrew) before he gave the go ahead. The choir was excellent – although they all looked a bit serious (especially compared to Nick Cave’s choir at gig on Sunday). Some good sounds were produced and the as yet unfinished songs are something to look forward to. People did get a bit carried away doing the drumming – not everyone who wanted to got a chance as tables were taken over by more boisterous folk.
    I have to admit I didn’t socialise with any supporters – just did my own thing. I did go to the Birthday Bash but I am no good in situations involving a roomfull of strangers and everyone had already formed little groups. I chatted briefly with Redcatdave, and Raven42 (who I had met in London) and the crazy supporter’s supporter Nymphea and then slunk off into the night…

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