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  1. Glad the concert was good. I understand and feel exactly the same as you with regards to meeting the band. I would find it embarassing or uncomfortable. I mean what on earth would you say…They are people you don’t know, you just adore their music. Besides they must get sick of having to be nice to people wanting to talk rubbish with them. I intend to slip away after the concert.
    I’m sorry you didn’t get the job – I always think in that situation that the job wasn’t meant for me and I had a lucky escape.

  2. So I am glad not to be wierd then 🙂
    But actually I’d like to be invisible and sneak backstage to watch the scenery of fans getting closer and touching their icons. Must look like a religious happening.
    And thank you for all your good words about my bad luck in regards to my working life. I’ll try to think that a job that I don’t get will probably not be meant for me. But of course that shouldn’t mean that the job I have now is meant for me 🙂
    the world is a board of spaghetti.

  3. btw, you will not be able to sneak away that easily as supporter. You have to get in touch with Nymphea (Elizabeth Cook) after the concert in order to get the Live CD, as she keeps the ones for supporters, and she’s also the one leading people backstage. so…

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