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  1. ich sag ja in solchen situationen ( also zB wenn man statt des handys die fernbedienung vom DVD player mitgenommen hat )immer : hauptsache die frisur sitzt !

  2. How were the EX – they are one of my all time favourite bands. Sadly I hardly get to see them as they rarely come to the UK.

  3. the ex where wonderful. I am a lover of their music since I am 17 orso. I saw them often when I lived in Holland, and it’s the first time I saw them somewhere else. they even speak some dutchy german 🙂
    this band is always great when they play live. together with neubautens, the best live band I know.

  4. I agree – Ex are fantastic live and they seem to really enjoy playing which gives the audience a good feeling. I would have LOVED to have seen them live in their early days – had to make do with bootleg tapes. They are having a 2 day anniversary celebration 19-20th Nov in Amsterdam, which is very tempting…

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