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  1. hello nicola, well the problem is that on my new laptop I couldn’t get my digital camera to work yet. And on Juliettas mac it doesn’t work due to missing drivers for mac, and my old old laptop hasn’t got a networkcard, so when I take pictures now, I need to take them off from the camera on my old old laptop, plug in the USB stick, move the pictures onto that stick, go to Julietta, be VERY friendly to her, in order to be able to use her Mac for a few minutes to load the pictures of the USB stick (USB in general doesn’t work on my new laptop yet), and then upload them from the Mac to the networkserver, then go to my new laptop, download them from the networkserver, bring them into a decent size, and upload them to this webserver. A lot of work, but the main thing is that I don’t feel like being VERY friendly to Julietta at the moment. But tomorrow maybe.

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