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  1. Swimming is excellent for fitness/toning and it is really relaxing. I try and swim once a week and really notice it if I miss a swim. I also can hardly swim – I stay in the slow lanes. 🙂

  2. hi nicola,

    how do you mean "and really notice if I miss a swim"? In terms of being fit? Or that your body becomes larger? I mean the whole purpose of me doing swimming is to loose weight. But I have to say that I didn’t sleep as good as that night after the swim. I might start to like it, like I like to go for a drink.

  3. If I miss a swim I feel less fit – I find I have to put more effort in. Also notice a small weight gain. Fit bodies burn off more calories.
    Once you get into a routine you won’t notice whether you like it or not, it will just be a healthy habit.
    You probably didn’t sleep very well as your body was woken up by the exercise – this should settle after a few more visits to the pool.
    Keep it up and enjoy it 🙂

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